Now that I finally have some extra time on my hands I’ve spent some time up dating the Party Me Perfect facebook Page , and my etsy shop, Among the new items you’ll see in the shop are a variety of ducky themed items….I know, the ones out there who know me are probably wondering why it’s taken me so long to come out with ducky items! I wonder the same thing myself…but it’s finally here! The current ducky items in the shop include a 3 tier diaper cake with recieving blanket, a two tier diaper cake (or centerpiece) and a ducky themed gift baskets which includes a 2 tier diaper cake, 3 recieving blankets and a ducky print teddy bear. Take a look at my Etsy page and facebook fan page and please pass it on! I am hoping to grow Party Me Perfect in the next few months and I can do it with your help!

As for other new items in the shop you will see burp cloths and a 4 tier you-decorate diaper cake (a blank canvas that I assemble and you decorate any way you like!). Any items you see in the shop are customizable to fit your party’s theme or color scheme. I also accept custom orders! If you’re looking for an owl themed diaper cake….DONE! Looking for a safari themed cake….DONE! Let me know what you need and I will create it for you!





Today was Baby Emma’s shower. It’s one I’ve been planning for a while. The theme for this shower was based in color….hot pink, tangerine and lemon, and over time, I found flowers appearing often as well! Here’s the pictures!

I set up a candy buffet to add some color and to use as favors

Here’s a close-up of the cake….and yes, even it was pink and yellow!

This was the entry table. It held the diaper cake, guest packets, “Price is Right” game basket, the onsie for guests to sign for the baby, name tags (decorated with pink, orange and yellow sharpies!), a “guess the number” game (in this case, guess how many chocolates) and a beach themed gift box for the guest whose birthday was the closest to the mom’s due date.

Here’s a closer picture of the Price is Right basket and the gift box. The gift baskets contained a beach towel, insulated cup, sunscreen and after sun lotion.

Diaper cake!

A pink and orange polka dot onsie for Baby Emma, signed by each guest….perfect for framing!

As guests arrived they each took a guess at the day Baby Emma will arrive.

Each person wrote their name on a tag, and pinned it to the day of their choosing.

The entry table also held these guests packets. Each packet contained the 2 paper based games we played, an 8×8 scrap-booking page we used to make the guestbook and a blank card where each guest wrote advice for the mom to be.

Here are a few of the pages made for the guestbook, and the book itself. Pictures will be added to each page.

The gift table held an “Emma” sign, painted to match the color scheme.

This is a pin I made for the mommy to be to wear, but unfortunately I left it at home!

The shower was held outside on a patio in the community center of my friend’s neighborhood. The colors looked beautiful together, especially out in the bright sunshine!

Here’s a peek at the due date calendar I just made for a baby shower this weekend. As the guests arrive they will take a tag, write their name on it and then pin the tag to the day they think Baby Emma will arrive. The mom’s due date is June 8, so the calendar goes from a week before til a week after. I cut everything, except for the tags, with my cricut. I planned on making the tags as well, but I ran across these in target and they matched perfectly so why not save myself some time and effort. Take a look!

In my search for another project I landed on soap making. I never realized it was so easy….a little bit of base, a little bit of color and a little bit of fragrance. Mix them up, pour into mold and there you go.  I’ve played around with a few different molds and colors….take a look!

These shell soaps are made with cucumber  melon fragrance

These herb soaps are made from clear base with rosemary, lavender and bath salts

These Asian themed soaps are made with wine coloring and orange fragrance

These massage bars are made with yellow coloring and vanilla fragrance

Each of these are available for purchase in my etsy shop.

Here are a few pictures from our Easter dinner. It was a lot of fun, great food and wonderful times with family and friends!

The colors I focused on were green and blue with touches of pink. The candy buffet included cupcakes with lemon cream cheese icing, chocolate dipped peeps, peep bunny pops, rock candy (in blue, green and pink), jelly beans, reeses peanut butter cups, m & m’s, sour apple rings and blue raspberry gummies.

Our appetizer table had celery & carrot cups with ranch for dipping, mini caprese bites and cheese and crackers…..Yum!

For dinner we had ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, salad, broccoli, bread and pineapple coleslaw.

Just a quick add for today…..I’m beginning to set up the house for Easter and my party preparing project for the day was this banner that will hang over the dessert buffet! All you need are letters from your local craft store, a little ribbon, a couple clothespins (I used colored ones I found at Michaels) and any color paint you choose! And the best part, you can use this from year to year, changing the colors every year to suit your mood and style!

Here’s an update to a previous post, Pocket Invitations… A Success. After making the mock up of the invitation, we worked out some details, changed the main card color and went on to make the full set. These invitations are for a baby shower planned in may, but can be customized for any event. The invites consist of a main invitation card and 4 inserts: “special requests”, “RSVP”, “location” and “registry”. Take a look!