January 2011

What to wear to a wedding can sometimes be a tricky thing. It all depends on the season, location, time of day and overall feel and style of the wedding. I got married on the beach, however, I didn’t want people showing up in bermuda shorts and bathing suits. I used my wedding website to provide a description of what the groomsmen and bridesmaids were wearing to try to give our guests a sense of what the style of the wedding was (whether it was informal, semiformal or formal). Additionally, I came up with a name for my wedding style “beach formal”. Now while I did not have a formal wedding  it was probably more formal by beach standards. My groomsmen were in black suits and my bridesmaids were in black tea length ruched tube dresses. The color black tends to lend an air of formality, and it was different than a lot of beach weddings where the groomsmen are in tan suits and the bridesmaids are in sun dresses.  This was my wedding after all….I didn’t want us all to look like we would look any other day!

Another thing to consider in wedding attire is what your attendants will wear. And will what they are wearing compliment each other. A lot of this will be based off of what your groomsmen are wearing. Are they in tuxes? Black suits? Light suits? Slacks and a nice shirt? If your guys are in tuxes, your girls can’t be in an everyday dress…it just wouldn’t look right. Alternately, if your girls are in floor length ball gowns, your guys can’t be in slacks and a nice shirt.Even though they’re on opposite sides of the aisle, what they’re wearing needs to compliment each other. If your guys are wearing suits, your dresses will generally range from a nice party dress to semi formal cocktail dress, or some less formal floor length styles. If your guys are in tuxes, you open to dresses up through that floor length ball gown. I would generally style away from causal dresses unless your guys are equally as casual.

Here are some examples. Obviously these are only a few representations of the many  possibilities, but they provide a snapshot of dresses that may suit the style and formality of your wedding! These can of course be mixed and matched and will also depend on venue, time of year, and of course how you want your wedding to look! My aim was to provide you with an idea and get you thinking about it!

Casual (Guys in slacks)









Semi-formal (Guys in Tuxes or Suits)










Formal (Guys in Tuxes)



This board was inspired by a friend of mine who is considering blue as a wedding color. Blue is a beautiful color for any season. It’s many shades can portray the freshness of springtime the vibrancy of summer, the warm hues of fall or the simmering coolness of winter.

Thinking of using blue as your wedding color? Here’s a few combinations to consider:

Navy & Yellow

Navy & Red

Navy & Bright Pink

Tiffany Blue & White

Tiffany Blue & Brown

Cobalt Blue & Silver

Cobalt Blue & White

Cobalt Blue & Grey

Light Blue & Sea Green

Turquoise & Pink

Turquoise & White

Turquoise & Black (love this one!)

or try using different shades of blue to create a monochromatic scheme (this is one of my favorites!)

The combinations are endless!! Have fun playing with different hues. Here’s a hint….go to any home improvement store and pick up some paint chips. Mix and match them together to see what you like.

For the longest time I pictured myself getting married in the fall, surrounded by fall color with girls in dresses of deep red. I loved the natural feel of a Fall wedding and it’s colors. I strayed from that view somewhat in that I still had my fall wedding, but it took place on the beach, which I’ve always loved. The natural feel still carried through, but in greens, a touch of pale pink and natural tones, all anchored with black. I don’t think I loved my color scheme any more than I did the moment I saw our groomsmen. They were in black suits, pale green shirts with black ties. I loved the way it looked, a nice variation from the white shirts we so often see on  groomsmen at weddings.

Since then, another wedding scheme has danced in my head; somewhat similar to my own: pale pinks, yellows and greens grounded in creams and whites. My spring garden wedding, my other wedding, would look something like this:

The beginnings of my next shower, based on the sock monkey. This board provides a good representation of where I plan to go, although there will be some small tweaks. The Color palate for this one will be blue, red and brown with perhaps a little yellow or green thrown in. This shower is off in the distance but I can’t help but get excited about these things!

A very dear friend had her first baby in September…a girl! From the moment she found out she was having a girl there was only one word I needed to know…..PINK!! Her ideal shower was drenched in pink. From decorations to plates to games and drinks. Even the party goers were all wearing pink. Here are a few of the highlights

Favors and Decorations

The favor for this shower were washcloth roses. These were made from white, bright pink, pale pink and striped washcloths. A floral stick was used for the stem. They served as decoration for the shower and each guests took one home.



The grandma-to-be made a diaper cake with pink ribbon and accessories to serve as a centerpiece.


The game packets here were created using pink card-stock, tied with pick ribbon. Using a game packet us so much easier then stopping before every game to pass out game cards. Everything you need is in one place.


The pass the basket winner received a basket full of goodies to create their own ice cream sundaes. Pink ice cream cups and a small pink cooler were included.

Last summer I planned a bridal shower for my sister. She had an early September wedding that took place on a sailboat. I wanted her shower to reflect the colors and theme of the wedding.I poured over the internet from site to site to site looking for inspiration and ideas. In the end, I decided to stray from the blatant nautical theme I had originally envisioned and opted to use her wedding colors as the theme for the party. Navy blue was her main color, so I set out to give our nautical bride her “something blue” shower. My goal was for simple, classic decorations that were all tied together without feeling “theme-y”.

Place Settings

Each place setting consisted of a silver charger, blue game packet, white paper fan and two favors- a dog made from a washcloth and a glass jar with navy and white peppermint patty pieces. The bride’s setting also included the bunch of mini roses. The tables were draped in navy blue tablecloths.


The centerpieces were simple: 3 glass cylindrical vases with red roses (red roses were her wedding flower as well)


Entrance Table

A table holding the guest book, charms and “something blue” vase was placed at the entrance to the garden. For the something blue vase, each guests as asked to bring a small blue item that the bride might use on or in preparation for, her wedding day. Items included:a blue toothbrush, blue mirrored compact, blue gum, blue pad and pen, etc.


The first favor was a towel favor dog. My sister loves dogs and the very first time I asked what she wanted her shower to be like she said she wanted dogs there. The second, is a white paper fan which was a last minute addition given how hot it was that day. The last were navy blue and white candies in a glass jar.


What I learned from this party: You’re planning process often ends up somewhere different then where it began. Even though our party wasn’t filled with sailboats and sailors it still carried the feel and style of our nautical bride.