For the longest time I pictured myself getting married in the fall, surrounded by fall color with girls in dresses of deep red. I loved the natural feel of a Fall wedding and it’s colors. I strayed from that view somewhat in that I still had my fall wedding, but it took place on the beach, which I’ve always loved. The natural feel still carried through, but in greens, a touch of pale pink and natural tones, all anchored with black. I don’t think I loved my color scheme any more than I did the moment I saw our groomsmen. They were in black suits, pale green shirts with black ties. I loved the way it looked, a nice variation from the white shirts we so often see on  groomsmen at weddings.

Since then, another wedding scheme has danced in my head; somewhat similar to my own: pale pinks, yellows and greens grounded in creams and whites. My spring garden wedding, my other wedding, would look something like this: