This board was inspired by a friend of mine who is considering blue as a wedding color. Blue is a beautiful color for any season. It’s many shades can portray the freshness of springtime the vibrancy of summer, the warm hues of fall or the simmering coolness of winter.

Thinking of using blue as your wedding color? Here’s a few combinations to consider:

Navy & Yellow

Navy & Red

Navy & Bright Pink

Tiffany Blue & White

Tiffany Blue & Brown

Cobalt Blue & Silver

Cobalt Blue & White

Cobalt Blue & Grey

Light Blue & Sea Green

Turquoise & Pink

Turquoise & White

Turquoise & Black (love this one!)

or try using different shades of blue to create a monochromatic scheme (this is one of my favorites!)

The combinations are endless!! Have fun playing with different hues. Here’s a hint….go to any home improvement store and pick up some paint chips. Mix and match them together to see what you like.