What to wear to a wedding can sometimes be a tricky thing. It all depends on the season, location, time of day and overall feel and style of the wedding. I got married on the beach, however, I didn’t want people showing up in bermuda shorts and bathing suits. I used my wedding website to provide a description of what the groomsmen and bridesmaids were wearing to try to give our guests a sense of what the style of the wedding was (whether it was informal, semiformal or formal). Additionally, I came up with a name for my wedding style “beach formal”. Now while I did not have a formal wedding  it was probably more formal by beach standards. My groomsmen were in black suits and my bridesmaids were in black tea length ruched tube dresses. The color black tends to lend an air of formality, and it was different than a lot of beach weddings where the groomsmen are in tan suits and the bridesmaids are in sun dresses.  This was my wedding after all….I didn’t want us all to look like we would look any other day!

Another thing to consider in wedding attire is what your attendants will wear. And will what they are wearing compliment each other. A lot of this will be based off of what your groomsmen are wearing. Are they in tuxes? Black suits? Light suits? Slacks and a nice shirt? If your guys are in tuxes, your girls can’t be in an everyday dress…it just wouldn’t look right. Alternately, if your girls are in floor length ball gowns, your guys can’t be in slacks and a nice shirt.Even though they’re on opposite sides of the aisle, what they’re wearing needs to compliment each other. If your guys are wearing suits, your dresses will generally range from a nice party dress to semi formal cocktail dress, or some less formal floor length styles. If your guys are in tuxes, you open to dresses up through that floor length ball gown. I would generally style away from causal dresses unless your guys are equally as casual.

Here are some examples. Obviously these are only a few representations of the many  possibilities, but they provide a snapshot of dresses that may suit the style and formality of your wedding! These can of course be mixed and matched and will also depend on venue, time of year, and of course how you want your wedding to look! My aim was to provide you with an idea and get you thinking about it!

Casual (Guys in slacks)









Semi-formal (Guys in Tuxes or Suits)










Formal (Guys in Tuxes)