February 2011

Easter is right around the corner and I’ve already started thinking about what to serve and how to decorate. In searching the web for ideas I came across these cute and I’m sure tasty little treats from Creative Holiday Gifts and Party Ideas.

I definitely plan on making these as a little take home for everyone on Easter Sunday!











I also found a few centerpieces I am going to try:






















and one last goodie from Nikkis Nifty Knacks











Can’t wait to share my pictures with you when I tackle each of these!


Check out my latest creation….cupcake cuties! Theses diaper cupcakes are great for a baby shower as a gift for mom or individually as a favor for guests! They also make a great hospital gift for a new mom to celebrate the birth of her little sweetie!

So recently (as you may have seen if you’ve been following my posts) I’ve become obsessed with making diaper cakes. I love it….they’re fun, they’re easy and they’re cute! My ideas seem endless. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing though. I find myself shopping for supplies every day. Personally, I’m a fan of the “plain” ones. The ones decorated with ribbon, some flowers or maybe a cute stuffie. However, I know many people prefer the ones with baby items and/or clothes on them. I like those too….but I love the simplistic look of the plain ones. I would have pictures to share with you of my latest creation, but after going shopping to pick up some more diapers, the one thing I forgot to get were…..diapers. Today I picked up a few onesies, socks, hats and a few other items to turn into flowers to take a try at using flowers made from clothes rather than regular flowers. That way I still get my simplistic look, and the new mommy still gets her extra present! Stay tuned for more pics as my obsession continues!

I was in Rite Aid today picking up a prescription and I couldn’t help but take a stroll through the Easter section. I was walking by and this little guy caught my eye! He is perfect for one of the baby showers I’m planning. I already have the perfect use for him!












Introducing…..my tickled pink diaper cake! Pink polka dots and solid pink ribbon make this girly cake fun and festive. The pink flowers add that extra touch.

How to make a boutique style diaper cake

1. This may be the hardest part….find white (plain) diapers. Everything I saw had a design or character on it. Luckily I found some with blue & green dots and those are the colors for the baby shower I’m currently planning. Another option if you can’t find white diapers is to use fabric or paper to cover the diapers.

2.Decide on number of tiers. Buy or borrow round cake pans in varying sizes. For the 3 tiered cake I made I used 12″, 10″ & 8″ round pans.

3.Spread diapers around edge of the pan. Try to keep the overlaps even.

4. The completed first tier will look like this. Place a rubber band around the diaper to hold the form together

Side View
Top View

5. Remove the diapers from pan and place bottles in the center to help the form hold its shape.

6. Repeat steps 3-5 for remaining tiers

7. Place second layer on top of first, the tops of the bottles will help the second form hold its shape.

Top View
Side View

8.Place the third layer on top. You can either use a small bottle for the center or use diapers. I used one rolled diaper to help keep the third form solid.

(I will update this picture with the finished product once it’s complete!)

9. Use coordinating ribbon to cover the rubber bands. Secure ribbon with hot glue.

10. Add any other additions you would like such as stuffed animals or flowers for the topper and small baby items such as bibs, socks, onesies, lotion, etc to sides.

Hot pink, tangerine and lemon. The colors for my next baby shower for a little baby girl arriving this spring. I wanted a more modern color scheme that combined with the time of year makes this one perfect! I love the “oh baby” centerpiece and it should be pretty simple to make. I’ve always wanted to try out a candy buffet and I think this will be the one to do it, with cute tins/ boxes to fill up and take home! I also plan to include the izze drinks in coordinating colors…which I think would be very festive! Stay tuned for updates!

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