February 2011

The monkey shower for baby James is almost here (see: Time for Monkeys), it’s just around the corner in early April. I’ve strayed from my original idea somewhat, mainly in color but still plan on incorporating the sock monkey in one way or another. We’ve finally settled on a place…..The Electric Palm in Woodbridge. It’s on the water with an indoor dining room, bar and large outdoor deck. Our shower will be on the side deck which is covered and has a large door (think garage door) that can be opened or closed depending on the weather. I’m hoping in early April we’ll be able to have that door wide open to enjoy some sunshine and warm weather! I’ve found a great invitation from Prints Charming that I can’t wait to order! So cute! I’m also going to attempt to make a boutique style diaper cake which I hope to get started on tomorrow.  I will be sure to take pictures along the way!

I’ve also discovered a great site which I may use for favors, it’s called All Jarred Up.  See: http://www.etsy.com/shop/AllJarredUp. I first heard about All Jarred Up on tv the other day and looked it up. These great little pies and treats are the perfect size to use as favors (I wish I had known about these for our wedding)! To make it even better there is a chocolate chip banana bread….how perfect for a monkey themed shower!

There are many other odds and ends and ideas in my head, but I can’t give it all away in case our mommy to be sneaks a peak at the blog! Look for a full update in mid April with all the details of the shower!


I’m looking for a baby shower venue and already find myself frustrated from the process. My problem is I get an image in my mind of what I want then I’m not happy until I find it. At home is ruled out. Everyone sees their home everyday….what fun it that?! Not to mention the typical space and seating issues (and the full day I would spent cleaning!) Then there are restaurants. Restaurants can be good…if you get a private room or at least a semi private room. Let’s face it, I don’t want a bunch of strangers gawking at my baby shower games and they most likely don’t want their lunch interrupted by a bunch of “ooo’s” and “aaahhh’s” after everything baby if gifted. So the  mission there….find a restaurant with a private or semi-private area. Oh, and it has to match the style and personality of the mom to be or it would just be weird, and it needs to be in the right location. Not too far for mom to drive, not too far for guests to drive, parking available, etc. Do you see how this gets complicated??

So then, how about a hotel suite? I thought this was a good idea. One I hadn’t considered before. It’s private, it’s cozy. There’s no time crunch…you’ve got the room for the night. But again with the seating space. Most hotel suites I’ve run across typically have a sofa, arm chair, desk chair….and that’s about it for seating. Do hotels offer roll-a-way chairs? That would be perfect. Throw in a couple party platters, decorate the room as you see fit and there you go, instant party…I’m liking this idea more and more.

Then there are parks…I like the idea of an outside space, but the uncertainty of weather holds me back. If there is an inside space for a plan B, then great. Restaurants with outdoor patios can be great for this if it’s rainy, too cold or too hot, move it inside. However, going the straight outside route leaves little room for the whim of mother nature.

So what’s your vote? Do you have a different idea all together? Let’s hear it!

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