Here’s a new addition to the Etsy shop….the sock monkey occasion pin! Perfect for a sock monkey themed baby shower or birthday party. Check it out at Party Me Perfect on Etsy.


Yesterday was my sister’s baby shower. It’s the sock monkey shower I’ve been planning for the past few months. The colors were green and blue and it was a lunch shower at a local restaurant. Check out the pictures below to see what we did!

Our “Lil’ Monkey” Banner hung in a window to great the guest as they walked in. The banner was decorated with ribbon in colors corresponding to the shower. It also made a great gift for mom!








The table was set with aqua and white patterned table cloth and bright green chargers. The centerpieces were two diaper vases, including a medallion with the baby’s initials, filled with blue hydrangeas. The mom to be’s setting was marked with balloons, a monkey and a pin.










Our framed Mm alphabet card made a great addition to carry the theme to the gift table. The monkey pin was placed at the mom’s seat at the table, for her to wear.










I loved these game packets. They contained 3 game sheets: The Price is Right, What Did Daddy Say?, and TV Families. They also held a blank note card used a a birthday card for the baby. Each card was numbered, the number corresponded with a birthday year. Each guest wrote a birthday message which mom and baby will open on each birthday from 1-10. The last item in the folder was the guest book page for mom. Each guest filled out the page upon arrival with  markers placed on the table.








The sock monkey basket was a lucky find in the Easter isle of Rite Aid and he made the perfect basket for our price is right game! For this game, the guests guessed the total cost of the items in the basket. The one who came the closest without going over won a prize and mom got the basket! The monkey face decorating the charger was also a game. The backside of each monkey face was marked with a color (neither the guests or mom to be knew this). At the end of the shower the mom choose a color and the person with that color under their monkey face won a prize!








This was our guest book table for baby. The table held the Price is Right basket, the diaper cake and a Curious George story collection for the Baby. Each guest wrote a message to the baby in the book, so he could have his own guest book as well! The animal guest book is for mom and is from the Guestbook Store. I absolutely love their guest books, I’ve used them for a number of events and everyone always have a great time filling out the personalized pages! The mom to be even filled one out for herself!










Here’s a closer picture of the diaper cake. It’s decorated in blue and green patterned paper with white crinkle paper around the edge. White and green daisies decorate the top along with a blue and green sock monkey….perfect! The center pictures shows our cupcake stand and sock monkey cupcake (pictured below). The cupcakes stands were an idea from the Modern Moments blog and so simple to make. See their blog for instructions! The sock monkey cupcakes were a contribution from a friend of mine who loves to bake and makes the most wonderful treats! She designed the cupcakes after the shower invitation. It was the perfect touch. Everyone at the shower commented on how great they were!














The shower was a great success, everyone had a lot of fun and all of the little touches cake together to make a big impact!

Next month is coming up fast and by the time I get back from vacation, my next baby shower will be only a few weeks away. We finally decided on a restaurant to hold the shower and I’ve been trying to think up ways to turn a basic restaurant table and surroundings into a festive baby shower. As any of you party me perfect followers will know, I’ve been a bit obsessed with diaper cakes lately. Well, the two thoughts combined and I’ve come up with the perfect centerpiece for the baby shower….

I took an 8″ diaper cake, placed a 4″ high vase in the center, filled the vase with green and white flowers……and voila….the perfect baby shower centerpiece! In my head I saw gerber daisies, but there were none at the store so I used this arrangement for now. As you can see, I wrapped the diaper cake with green monkey ribbon backed with aqua colored ribbon. I then added a medallion (which I used my new cricut to make!) with the monogram of  the soon to arrive baby.There are two medallions, one on each side, so it will look good no matter which side of the table you’re sitting on.

I mocked up the table setting below, which includes one of my cupcake cuties (diaper cupcakes) at each place setting.  The cupcake cuties double as favors (along with an edible goodie from All Jarred Up!) The actual shower will have about 15 people, but I used my kitchen table to get an idea of how the setting will look.

I absolutely love this centerpiece and setting. I can’t wait to see it at the shower!

I know, I know….another diaper cake, but look at it! It’s beautiful! I love the blue and green and I love the patterns. Just wanted to share! My planning for the two baby showers continues….when those are over, I promise the blog won’t be so baby-centric. And I will be sure to share pics of both the parties once they are all put together.

I was in Rite Aid today picking up a prescription and I couldn’t help but take a stroll through the Easter section. I was walking by and this little guy caught my eye! He is perfect for one of the baby showers I’m planning. I already have the perfect use for him!


How to make a boutique style diaper cake

1. This may be the hardest part….find white (plain) diapers. Everything I saw had a design or character on it. Luckily I found some with blue & green dots and those are the colors for the baby shower I’m currently planning. Another option if you can’t find white diapers is to use fabric or paper to cover the diapers.

2.Decide on number of tiers. Buy or borrow round cake pans in varying sizes. For the 3 tiered cake I made I used 12″, 10″ & 8″ round pans.

3.Spread diapers around edge of the pan. Try to keep the overlaps even.

4. The completed first tier will look like this. Place a rubber band around the diaper to hold the form together

Side View
Top View

5. Remove the diapers from pan and place bottles in the center to help the form hold its shape.

6. Repeat steps 3-5 for remaining tiers

7. Place second layer on top of first, the tops of the bottles will help the second form hold its shape.

Top View
Side View

8.Place the third layer on top. You can either use a small bottle for the center or use diapers. I used one rolled diaper to help keep the third form solid.

(I will update this picture with the finished product once it’s complete!)

9. Use coordinating ribbon to cover the rubber bands. Secure ribbon with hot glue.

10. Add any other additions you would like such as stuffed animals or flowers for the topper and small baby items such as bibs, socks, onesies, lotion, etc to sides.

The monkey shower for baby James is almost here (see: Time for Monkeys), it’s just around the corner in early April. I’ve strayed from my original idea somewhat, mainly in color but still plan on incorporating the sock monkey in one way or another. We’ve finally settled on a place…..The Electric Palm in Woodbridge. It’s on the water with an indoor dining room, bar and large outdoor deck. Our shower will be on the side deck which is covered and has a large door (think garage door) that can be opened or closed depending on the weather. I’m hoping in early April we’ll be able to have that door wide open to enjoy some sunshine and warm weather! I’ve found a great invitation from Prints Charming that I can’t wait to order! So cute! I’m also going to attempt to make a boutique style diaper cake which I hope to get started on tomorrow.  I will be sure to take pictures along the way!

I’ve also discovered a great site which I may use for favors, it’s called All Jarred Up.  See: I first heard about All Jarred Up on tv the other day and looked it up. These great little pies and treats are the perfect size to use as favors (I wish I had known about these for our wedding)! To make it even better there is a chocolate chip banana bread….how perfect for a monkey themed shower!

There are many other odds and ends and ideas in my head, but I can’t give it all away in case our mommy to be sneaks a peak at the blog! Look for a full update in mid April with all the details of the shower!