Here’s a goodie that arrived in the mail today. I ordered them for the hot pink, tangerine and lemon colored shower I’m planning for this May for a baby girl (See post: Loving that Summer Feeling). I ordered these from Land of Nod. They came in a variety of colors, I chose the orange ones with hot pink handles….so cute!

I plan to use the smaller two for stands/decorations on the candy buffet and I’m using the larger one for a price is right type game where guests will guess the cost of a case filled with baby products (diaper cream, orajel, a bottle, etc). The person who guesses the closest without going over wins a prize and the mom gets the case filled with the baby products! Win Win!


Hot pink, tangerine and lemon. The colors for my next baby shower for a little baby girl arriving this spring. I wanted a more modern color scheme that combined with the time of year makes this one perfect! I love the “oh baby” centerpiece and it should be pretty simple to make. I’ve always wanted to try out a candy buffet and I think this will be the one to do it, with cute tins/ boxes to fill up and take home! I also plan to include the izze drinks in coordinating colors…which I think would be very festive! Stay tuned for updates!

A very dear friend had her first baby in September…a girl! From the moment she found out she was having a girl there was only one word I needed to know…..PINK!! Her ideal shower was drenched in pink. From decorations to plates to games and drinks. Even the party goers were all wearing pink. Here are a few of the highlights

Favors and Decorations

The favor for this shower were washcloth roses. These were made from white, bright pink, pale pink and striped washcloths. A floral stick was used for the stem. They served as decoration for the shower and each guests took one home.



The grandma-to-be made a diaper cake with pink ribbon and accessories to serve as a centerpiece.


The game packets here were created using pink card-stock, tied with pick ribbon. Using a game packet us so much easier then stopping before every game to pass out game cards. Everything you need is in one place.


The pass the basket winner received a basket full of goodies to create their own ice cream sundaes. Pink ice cream cups and a small pink cooler were included.