Here’s an update to a previous post, Pocket Invitations… A Success. After making the mock up of the invitation, we worked out some details, changed the main card color and went on to make the full set. These invitations are for a baby shower planned in may, but can be customized for any event. The invites consist of a main invitation card and 4 inserts: “special requests”, “RSVP”, “location” and “registry”. Take a look!


Take a look at the pin I created for an upcoming baby shower.The shower (see post: Loving that summer feeling) is planned for May. The theme is set in colors: hot pink, orange and yellow. I wanted a special pin for the mom-to-be to wear. I recently purchased a pin like this one from a craft store for a sock monkey themed baby shower. The colors and themes available were limited so I figured it would be easy enough to create one myself to suit the theme and colors I wanted for this upcoming shower. The great thing about these pins is that they can be used for any occasion….baby shower, bridal shower, birthdays, anniversaries, bachelorette parties….any special occasion!












Introducing… tickled pink diaper cake! Pink polka dots and solid pink ribbon make this girly cake fun and festive. The pink flowers add that extra touch.

Hot pink, tangerine and lemon. The colors for my next baby shower for a little baby girl arriving this spring. I wanted a more modern color scheme that combined with the time of year makes this one perfect! I love the “oh baby” centerpiece and it should be pretty simple to make. I’ve always wanted to try out a candy buffet and I think this will be the one to do it, with cute tins/ boxes to fill up and take home! I also plan to include the izze drinks in coordinating colors…which I think would be very festive! Stay tuned for updates!

For the longest time I pictured myself getting married in the fall, surrounded by fall color with girls in dresses of deep red. I loved the natural feel of a Fall wedding and it’s colors. I strayed from that view somewhat in that I still had my fall wedding, but it took place on the beach, which I’ve always loved. The natural feel still carried through, but in greens, a touch of pale pink and natural tones, all anchored with black. I don’t think I loved my color scheme any more than I did the moment I saw our groomsmen. They were in black suits, pale green shirts with black ties. I loved the way it looked, a nice variation from the white shirts we so often see on  groomsmen at weddings.

Since then, another wedding scheme has danced in my head; somewhat similar to my own: pale pinks, yellows and greens grounded in creams and whites. My spring garden wedding, my other wedding, would look something like this:

A very dear friend had her first baby in September…a girl! From the moment she found out she was having a girl there was only one word I needed to know…..PINK!! Her ideal shower was drenched in pink. From decorations to plates to games and drinks. Even the party goers were all wearing pink. Here are a few of the highlights

Favors and Decorations

The favor for this shower were washcloth roses. These were made from white, bright pink, pale pink and striped washcloths. A floral stick was used for the stem. They served as decoration for the shower and each guests took one home.



The grandma-to-be made a diaper cake with pink ribbon and accessories to serve as a centerpiece.


The game packets here were created using pink card-stock, tied with pick ribbon. Using a game packet us so much easier then stopping before every game to pass out game cards. Everything you need is in one place.


The pass the basket winner received a basket full of goodies to create their own ice cream sundaes. Pink ice cream cups and a small pink cooler were included.